First, I completely removed Java on the laptop I'm using right now. An insidious piece of malware called Win7 Total Security apparently installs itself through a Java viulnerability, and I must not've been managing which version of Java open in any given 32/64-bit instance of the browser. The thing edits the registry so it runs whenever you try to open a .exe file. After I removed it once and updated the 64-bit Java, it came back. It and its alter-ego XP Total Security are apparently in various ad networks, so you could encounter it nearly anywhere on the web.

Also, I don't moderate spam too often. The AntiSpam module for Drupal used to catch most of it, but I had a lot of published posts that were obviously spam. So I'm using both an updated AntiSpam module and the Mollom module. Hopefully that will cut down on spam. If anyone tries to submit a legitimate comment and can't, just replace the first dot with @ in this site's URL and notify me. Thanks.